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Fabrication sur-mesure à partir de 100 pièces - Fabrication entre 15 et 18 jours ouvrés

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Welcome to our F.A.Q. dedicated to the manufacture of our personalized Remove Before Flight key rings. This series of questions and answers will give you an insight into how we manufacture our products, the different variants available and our manufacturing policy. Find out more about our Remove Before Flight key ring range.

Our customer service team is also available to answer all your questions directly on +33 4 90 95 01 18.

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For woven Remove Before Flight key rings, the text, designs and logos are incorporated directly into the weave of the fabric , whereas for embroidered key rings, the elements are embossed by an embroidery machine onto a pre-colored cotton/poly fabric.

Embroidered key rings have an embossed effect, unlike woven key rings.

Yes, it's possible to customize the shape of your flame key rings to suit your needs. A surcharge may be applied if this form proves too complex.

No, within the following limits (70x20mm to 160x30mm), customized dimensions are possible.

To ensure strength and prevent deformation, embroidery and weaving key rings feature several layers of non-woven fabric.

Our prices are net and include technical costs. Postage and any graphic retouching are extra.

At Remove Before Flight de fabrications vary according to how our key rings are made:

  • Embroidered key ring: 15-18 working days
  • Woven key rings: 15 to 18 working days
  • Leather key ring: 18 to 21 working days
  • Leatherette key ring: 18 to 21 working days
  • Print key rings: 18 to21 working days
  • Soft PVC key ring: 18 to 21 working days
  • Tarpaulin key ring: 12 to 15 working days
  • Silicone key ring: 12-15 working days

Well, no! Whatever the dimensions below, the price of our Remove Before Flight key rings remains the same.

Remove Before Flight Customized key ring Flame key ring Standard sizes
Remove Before Flight Customized key ring Flame key ring Standard sizes

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